How to install a custom cluster-autoscaler on a GKE/GCP cluster

Context If you are using GKE to create your Kubernetes cluster, you can add cluster-autoscaler by checking the Enable cluster auto-scaler option while creating the cluster (this is a Standard GKE cluster and not Autopilot GKE cluster) Problem If you want to tweak this cluster-autoscaler e.g., change some flag) or deploy your own image of cluster-autoscaler (which I wanted to do to test, it’s hard to do (StackOverflow question around this).

How to find Project ID and Issue Type ID in Jira without any special permissions

Problem How do you find Project ID and Issue Type ID in Jira when you don’t have any special permissions? Solution Note: This works for Jira Cloud. I haven’t tested it with Jira Server. 1. Go to https://<your-jira-name> (example: You should see a screen like this: 2. Right click and select Inspect 3. Find the Ids 3.1. For Project Id Search for #project-options HTML Id in the Inspect Element tab Double click on Recent projects and you should see it expand like this: Copy the highlighted part between the white spaces.