My name is Suraj Banakar (सूरज बानकर in Devnagari and バンカル・スラジ in Japanese).

I go by @vadasambar on the internets.

In Search Of Lost Time is my attempt at putting together content that overlaps with what I can offer to the world and what I think adds value to the world, however small. I do not promise to be objective but I will however try my best to abide by what I said earlier.

What’s with the name In Search Of Lost Time?
It is the name of one of my favorite novels (certainly not the only one) and a tongue in cheek joke at my ever time consuming curiosity trips which often end up taking me to places I never imagined myself to be in.

What’s with the site URL
Vada Sambar (or Sambhar) / Sambar Vada / Medu Vada Sambar / Batata Vada Sambar are different varieties/names of a popular dish in Western and Southern India. Batata Vada Sambar or just Vada Sambar (for me) is one of my favorite comfort foods that I grew up eating. Over the years it still makes me think of all the fond things in my life and it never fails to bring smile to people’s faces when they read my username. I kind of like that.